TIFF Academy

  • TIFF Academy is a block of educational activities led by animators from the TIFF Collective Foundation. Classes are held in Wroclaw and in smaller towns in Lower Silesia. Thanks to TIFF Academy, we show workshop participants that the photography is an intriguing and innovative field of art that can be easily and relatively quickly accessed through the proper use of new technologies, such as the Internet, digital cameras or mobile phones. During the workshops, we try to combine them with classic photographic techniques such as cyanotype or pinhole photography.


TIFF Academy at a glance:


  • 3 editions of the TIFF Academy // Van Edition workshops outside of Wrocław,
  • 1st edition realized in Wrocław under the name TIFF Academy // Orange Edition,
  • over 127 workshops for children, youth and seniors in Wroclaw under various projects (Orange Academy, School in the City, workshops as part of an art exhibition Art Looks for IQ. Artists of Wrocław),
  • cooperation with the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 during the animation of the local community in Chojnów and Nowa Ruda as part of the MoKaPP project,
  • editorial team of an individual brochure describing photography workshops for the publication of Spinacz.