Fab Lab

(Polski) TIFF Academy // Fab Lab

TIFF Academy // Fab Lab is a space and time devoted to your creativity and experiments. The new workshop formula at the TIFF Center is aimed at people fascinated with photography and who like #DIY activities.


From February 21st we invited participants to regular workshop meetings during which they are able to work on their own artistic projects using various photographic / printing techniques, such as:


➡ cyanotype,

➡ salt paper,

➡ silver technique,

➡ screen printing,

➡ photographic print.


Workshops are preceded by presentations, during which you will learn the secrets of the tools proposed by us, as well as a large amount of inspiration, which we hope will make you fall for an unusual idea.


The group will be led by Maciej Bujko and Paulina Anna Galanciak – who will support the use of individual techniques and show the possibilities of their creative use in the context of their own project. The organizers will also provide a variety of materials, such as wood, papers (watercolors, carbon paper, photo), fabrics, needles, threads, newspaper clippings and chemical reagents that will surely be useful to you during the workshops.


6 workshop meetings will be concluded with a summary, during which the authors of the projects will be able to boast in an informal atmosphere and talk about their concept.





➡ Dates: There are two groups to choose from – weekend and Wednesday.


Meeting dates:


1 GROUPS – weekends: 24/02, 10/03, 24/03, 8/04, 14/04, 28/04;

2 GROUPS – Wednesdays: 21/02, 7/03, 21/03, 4.04, 11/04, 25/04.


In both cases, 28/04/2018, a summary of the works for both workshop groups is planned.

➡ Duration: 6 meetings for 4 hours each

➡ Technical requirements: none

➡ Group of people: max. 12 people

➡ Price: PLN 600 / person





PLN 600 for a series of workshop meetings

(100 PLN non-returnable deposit payable until 30/01/2018, then payment of 500 PLN to 20/02/2018 or two installments for 250 PLN – the first to 10/02/2018, the second to 20/02/2018)

All workshop materials are included.




Additional info:

➡ six 4-hour workshops;

➡ guardian’s care;

➡ types of techniques: cyanotype, salt paper, silver technique, screen printing, photo printing.

➡ available materials: tiles, wood, papers (watercolors, carbonless, photographic), textiles, newspaper clippings.




Applications should be sent to the e-mail address: academy@tiff.wroc.pl in the title by entering the name of the workshop.