TIFF Center is an innovative space of development through photography. It combines a workshop center, an open reading room of photographic books, a photo promotion office and a studio of artistic residences. We want TIFF Center to become a meeting place for everyone interested in photography in Wrocław, which is why it is an initiative open to external ideas and informal meetings. At our space, we share with the audience what is the most interesting for us in photography.

TIFF Center was created by the group of organizers of TIFF Collective Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of photography in Wroclaw. The group has an open formula and works in cooperation with other entities, associations, initiatives and artists. The collective also acts as an organizer of educational activities that function under the common name of TIFF Academy. The last initiative consists of free workshops organized in smaller towns of Lower Silesia, as well as paid photographic workshops organized for various age groups in Wrocław.

Our mission is to develop through photography as the largest and most diverse group of people. This goal is guided by the creation of newer areas of TIFF activities – exhibition, educational, promotional or networking. We want the activities of TIFF Center to initiate the institution creation process that favors the development of our assumptions, and also helps us to create a friendly environment for learning about photography and developing it, which is a key point for us.